Your Handy Essentials Box for Moving Day

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Whether you are moving a short distance or a long distance, it could be awhile, before everything is unpacked and you have easy access to all your household items, when required.

Make sure you Pack a Handy and Essentials Box or Bag – and have this easily accessible in your vehicle..

Here is a list of some of the most important items to pack:


Have all of these necessary documents in one file or plastic envelope. This can include anything from your bank account, credit cards, employment and rental information to dentist, vet and doctor records.

Like with any other moving house essentials, you should have a checklist for this one. This is the best way for you to double check that you have these handy and organised on your moving day.

First Aid Kit and Medication:

Make sure that you have a First Aid Kit with you – this can be very handy, if someone is hurt, while moving to your new home.

Make sure you have your regular medication with you, along with any painkillers – just in case these are required. You can have these in a bag for protection and easy access.

Bathroom essentials:

Your trip to your new home, may be a short distance or long distance. It is always handy to have some bathroom essentials packed with you, in a toiletry travel bag, so for when you arrive at your new home or if required during your trip.

Some bathroom essentials that will be convenient for you will be: wet wipes, soap, hand sanitizer, deodorant, hair brush, comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, sunscreen, moisturiser, nail clippers, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, razors, towels and washers.

These can also come in very handy when you arrive at your new home and you want to freshen up, before you need to organise and unpack your household items.

Children’s essentials:

Packing your children’s essentials is like packing them for a road trip, where your children will want to bring some of their favourite toys to keep them happy and occupied. Also pack their favourite snacks and drinks as well.

Pet’s essentials:

If you have pets, then of course you will need to pack their favourite toys for the move to your new home. Also pack their food and water bowls with you, along with food and water, as well as a few treats.

Snacks and Drinks:

Snacks and drinks are essential for the move to your new home, even if it is only a short move, because you will still have some time, before you are in your new home and able to access the esky and boxes for your food.

Best to prepare some sandwiches for moving day itself and make sure there are lots of bottles of water to refresh you throughout moving day and the trip to your new home. Biscuits and other snacks will also be convenient to take along with you.

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