Tips for Moving House with Your Pets

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Tips for Moving House With Pets — The Packing & Moving Company in Tanah Merah, QLD

As a loving pet owner, you would understand that it can be extremely stressful for your animals, when you are moving house.

They don’t understand what is exactly going on and of course, they can also feel your stress, which will upset them as well.

There are several things that you can do to make your house move easier on your pets:

  • Start your packing well ahead of time. Don’t want to do your own packing, then contact us and we can do this for you with our House Packing Services.
  • Use our Platinum Moving Service – where we do all the packing, moving and unpacking for you and you just spend time with your pets and take it easy or have a holiday.
  • Keep their eating and exercise pattern the same as much as possible.
  • Give them the same amount of attention and affection, as per normal.
  • Reassure them, while you are packing – that they will also be coming with you.
  • If your new home is nearby, then it is a great idea to take your pets for a visit to the new neighbourhood a few times, so that they can get familiar with the new sights and smells.


Things to do before moving house for your pets:

  • Get copies of certificates, medical records etc from your Veterinarian, mainly if you are moving too far away, to still use their services.
  • Contact your new Local Council, with regard to registration of your pets and what you will need to do etc
  • Update your address details to your new home – if your pets are microchipped – this can be completed online at
  • If you are planning to fly to your new home: Contact Airlines for details on how to transport your pets, what the regulations are the crate sizes etc – they will be able to help you with that information.
  • If you are driving to your new home and it will take more than one day, then you will need to plan ahead, where you will stop overnight and will need to find somewhere that will allow pets.


When Moving Day Arrives:

If you can drop them off at a friends place that they are familiar with – while everything is being packed into the truck, this would be great for them and you.

If you do not have anywhere to take them, then put them in a safe place in the house, with their bed, food, water, toys, treats and litter trays if needed etc. – and make sure no-one goes in there and lets them out by accident.

What you will want to pack for your Pets, when moving house – will include:

  • Paperwork and medical records
  • Any Medications required
  • Photo of pet/s – just in case they get lost. You could also take a photograph of your pets on your phone, prior to leaving.
  • Favourite Toys and Treats
  • Food and Water Bowls
  • Regular Food – Make sure this is the same as normal, not a good time to try any new pet food.
  • Water – Pack enough water from the old house, to cover them for several days. Different water can upset a pet’s digestive tract.
  • Litter box or scoop and plastic bags
  • Paper towels – in case of any accidents
  • Leashes and Leads


Once, you arrive at your New Home

Let the pets explore the yard, under your supervision and on a leash or lead.

Then set up their bed in a room, where they will not be disturbed and cannot get out and leave them with water, food, treats, toys and litter tray. You can also leave a jumper or something with your smells on, for them – while you get everything off the moving truck.

It is best not to let your pets outside for several days, without a lead and your supervision.

Cats usually require about a week to settle in, however dogs adapt much quicker. You wouldn’t want them to wander away and get lost.

Your pets, maybe a bit insecure to start with and unsure and can misbehave.

Make sure you have them back in their normal feeding and exercise routine, straight away and also lots of love helps

Hoping that these Tips for Moving House with Your Pets, helps make it an easier move and less stressful for you and your pets