Decluttering Before Moving House Is A Great Idea!

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There is one common mistake that many homeowners make when they are moving house and that is forgetting to declutter beforehand. The entire process of moving to a new home can be time-consuming and it may seem easier to just pack everything into different boxes and sort them out at a later time when the move is over. Keep in mind that there is a problem with this mentality as you may develop certain habits that are similar to hoarding. Looking from a different perspective, a house removal process is actually a great time to declutter and dispose of all the useless items that you do not use or need. If you are moving house for the first time, here is a basic list of things you should consider ditching.

Discard any item that have not seen the light for over a year

If you are unable to recall the last time you used an item, it does not need to come to the next house with you and your family. Items in this category can include anything from sporting equipment, bathroom gadgets, worn kitchen appliances and even baking trays. If you have not used something in over a year, chances are the cycle will repeat itself and the item may just take up unnecessary storage space.

Cut down on similar items

If you are cleaning up your room or home and you realise you own five identical ice buckets, you should ditch the excess. It can be really wasteful to get rid of items that are in fine condition but if it is rarely used, or no one in your family needs to use more than one of those items at the same time, it is best to cut down. When you are about to have second thoughts try to think logically. You do not need too much of the same item anyways.

Sell or give away furniture that is non-functional

If you own any random chairs or tables that have been taking up space in a distant corner of your house, now is one of the best times to give away or sell them. This category of items also includes empty drawer sets, old cupboards or coat racks that are seldom used.

Clothes that have not been worn for a long time

Believe it or not, this year-long rule is applicable to clothing as well. If an entire cycle of seasons have passed and you have not worn a certain item in your wardrobe, you should just donate that item to charity. This decision may seem difficult at first but if you have managed to get through both cool and warm weather for a year without needing that item, chances are that it will not be needed for the following year as well. Simply get rid of it so it will not add up to another clutter issue over at your new shack.

Bathroom items that are long expired

During the packing phase of your move, you should check all bathroom items diligently to see if they are expired. Most of these items, including cosmetics, have a small print on their packaging that states their manufacturing date and expiry date. Some products also use symbols, for instance, the symbol will contain a number and the letter ‘m’. If you see something like ’15m’, it means that the product can be used for 15 months after it is opened. If you have forgotten when you opened a certain product or do not use it regularly, it is time to dispose them.

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