Top 6 Packing Survival Tips For The Savvy Mover

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You have just received news that you have been posted to your company’s new office in another city. This actually is not the kind of news you were expecting, but you have to get ready for the big move since you require the job. To most people, this essentially means making the journey with as much of their belongings as possible. Unfortunately, moving long distance is a logistically daunting undertaking, and not to forget an expensive one.

Here are some practical packing tips to help you easily move your belongings across the country:

1. Start packing as soon as possible

Since packing can take a long time and is more difficult than what most people think, it is advisable to start as early as you can. By doing so, there will be no frantic rush at the end. This way, you will be more organised while packing your stuff. Getting the right kinds of packing boxes in Brisbane is one way to get organized before the move. These boxes are ideal when it come to packing your belongings appropriately, and in their right places. After all, you don’t want to throw unpacked belongings in incorrect boxes, tape them up and then hurriedly send them away due to time limitations, do you?

2. Think beyond the boxes

For items that will need to be stored in a closet, spare room or garage at your new home – it is recommended that you consider getting a number of inexpensive plastic packing boxes for them. These types of boxes can easily be bought in any general merchandise or home improvement store. These will save you money on purchasing extra boxes and time needed for unpacking when you get to your new home. For items such as towels, stuffed animals, and the likes, consider utilising large trash bags as they are cheaper than any available specialised packing boxes.

3. Create a packing inventory

Create a list of every box or item that goes into your packing boxes, or into the moving truck and take it with you. Have somebody responsible to mark the items and boxes off as they come off the moving van. This is particularly crucial if the boxes will be transferred from the moving truck to a storage facility prior to being delivered to their final destination. If any box or item goes missing or is left behind, or is lost, it could take months before it finally finds its way to your new home. The removal service provider must also create an inventory for an interstate or intrastate move, and note any damage at the time of delivery.

4. Set aside a box for your essentials

It is always a great idea to set apart a box for the essentials that will be urgently required when everything is delivered to your new home. The last things to be packed are normally the first off. As such, ensure the well-marked essentials box is the last one to be loaded onto the moving truck. Probable items to be packed in an essentials box are: notepads, pens, eating utensils, drinking cups, toilet paper, soap, towels, and so forth.

5 Packing your valuables

Most house moving service providers would rather you ship your highly valuable belongings, for instance expensive artwork, jewellery, collections, etc. Many a times, expanded removing insurance through a third party or carrier will be required.

6. Don’t forget your important documents

Important papers that contain essential financial details must be taken with you or shipped by a trusted friend or family member after your move. If any of these papers get damaged or is lost while on transit, it can prove difficult to replace them.

Besides, you really don’t want your personal information falling into the wrong hands. After all, identity theft is a real threat that must be seriously considered!