Calculating The Exact Costs Of A Business Relocation

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As a matter of fact, relocating a business from its current location to another include expenses that go beyond the costs of the physical removal of the equipment, files and furniture. These costs begin to mount up before your relocation day and often increase right after you have settled into the new place. As such, it is recommended to come up with a budget that take account of pre-move costs and those of making your move known to relevant people after settling in your new space. Here are some steps to take to arrive at an exact cost for Gold Coast removals:

Start by assigning a project administrator for the move

Before of your relocation, it is recommended that you assign a project manager to deal with the whole moving operation. The settled for administrator is allocated tasks such as working with the insurance firm, vendors, suppliers, landlords. He is also responsible for budget creation and alerting the marketplace and employees of the coming move.

List the actions necessary for the move

From meeting with building landlords or management and contacting cleaning, cable, phone and internet service providers, to contacting removal firms for bids as well as insurance firms concerning coverage for the relocation, these are important actions to take before a move. Other necessary actions in this regard include creating an applicable budget, informing the media, directing employees, alerting customers and suppliers, and much more.

Determine space-related expenses to the move

It is important to meet the new building’s managers so as to be able to determine space-related expenses to the move. Space-related costs include cleaning expenses, deposits, broker fees, space reconfiguration expenses, premature lease termination charges, down payments, move-in fees and closing expenses, and many more.

Contact the suppliers

Before the move, it is recommended that you contact the suppliers so as to determine premature termination costs, new service agreements, connection and disconnection fees as well as new equipment expenses. And while at it, make sure to include vending, security, cleaning, copier lease, parking, utilities, cable, phone, internet, and so forth.

Determine the staff hours required for the move

It is important to compute the number of hours your staff requires to set up the office for the relocation and for unpacking and preparing the new office. This way, you will be able to estimate the pay for the lost hours and also to work out the amount of sales or business lost while your employees are working on the relocation.

Create a list of media outlets and customers to get in touch with to announce the move

This kind of a list is important in that it will help you to work out the costs of making it known about your relocation. Make sure to include the expenses of printing and distributing your new business cards, collateral materials, website updates, brochures, stationery, product packaging and branding updates, etc.

Create a budget that breaks down the direct and indirect costs

Last but not least, categorise the actual gathered and estimated opportunity and hard expenses. Hard costs in this case include items for which you actually pay money for such as moving expenses and cleaning fees. Opportunity costs on the other hard include decreased productivity and lost sales.

All in all, the above listed steps will help you to arrive at the actual costs of your office relocation. By having a realistic picture of the overall expenses before your move, you are in a better position to calculate the exact costs of the business relocation. This way, you are able to set an appropriate budget for the entire move.