Tips for Moving House with Your Pets

Tips for Moving House With Pets — The Packing & Moving Company in Tanah Merah, QLD

As a loving pet owner, you would understand that it can be extremely stressful for your animals, when you are moving house. They don’t understand what is exactly going on and of course, they can also feel your stress, which will upset them as well. There are several things that you can do to make […]

Your Handy Essentials Box for Moving Day

First Aid Kit Moving Pack — The Packing & Moving Company in Tanah Merah, QLD

Whether you are moving a short distance or a long distance, it could be awhile, before everything is unpacked and you have easy access to all your household items, when required. Make sure you Pack a Handy and Essentials Box or Bag – and have this easily accessible in your vehicle.. Here is a list […]

Calculating The Exact Costs Of A Business Relocation

As a matter of fact, relocating a business from its current location to another include expenses that go beyond the costs of the physical removal of the equipment, files and furniture. These costs begin to mount up before your relocation day and often increase right after you have settled into the new place. As such, […]

Top 6 Packing Survival Tips For The Savvy Mover

You have just received news that you have been posted to your company’s new office in another city. This actually is not the kind of news you were expecting, but you have to get ready for the big move since you require the job. To most people, this essentially means making the journey with as […]

Items That Might Be Easily Damaged During Moving House

Fragile Items on a Shelf — The Packing & Moving Company in Tanah Merah, QLD

As a homeowner, it can be a huge undertaking when you are moving your belongings to your new home. If you are not careful enough while packing your fragile items, then some of these items may end up a little damaged. To avoid these undesirable circumstances, here are some of the easily damaged items and […]

Decluttering Before Moving House Is A Great Idea!

There is one common mistake that many homeowners make when they are moving house and that is forgetting to declutter beforehand. The entire process of moving to a new home can be time-consuming and it may seem easier to just pack everything into different boxes and sort them out at a later time when the […]

Are You Wanting a Stress-Free Move?

Woman Relaxing at the Beach — The Packing & Moving Company in Tanah Merah, QLD

Looking for a Move without Lifting a Finger? Then you must enquire about our Platinum Moving Service – this is our Premium Moving Service. Our Platinum Service is our Speciality, where we do everything for you. we do all the packing we do all the moving we do all the unpacking everything done for you […]

New Signage on One of Our Furniture Removalist Truck

The Packing and Moving Company New Signage — The Packing & Moving Company in Tanah Merah, QLD

You will now see us around Brisbane, Loganholme and the Gold Coast, with our new look – while we travel to move our customers to their new homes. This is our rebrand of Paradise Pro Packers – We are a family-owned and operated professional removalist and packing company, providing a caring and professional service in the Brisbane […]

Website Launched for The Packing and Moving Company

The Packing and Moving Company Responsive Website — The Packing & Moving Company in Tanah Merah, QLD

Website launch for The Packing and Moving Company. The Packing and Moving Company is part of Paradise Pro Packers – it is our new branding for our Packing and Moving business. Our warehouse/office is situated at 1 – 9 Pintu Drive, Tanah Merah – across from Loganholme Hyperdome. At the warehouse, we have available all […]