3 Bedroom Moving Pack


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3 Bedroom Moving Pack

The 3 Bedroom Moving Pack has the same amount of large and small boxes.


30 x Tea Chest Boxes

  • The most versatile box
  • Ideal for crockery, kitchen appliances, ornaments, linen, small pictures and clothes
  • Also ideal for toys and garage items


30 x Book Boxes

  • Books, wine bottles, CDs/DVDs, games and other non-breakable items
  • Use to pack non-breakable items such as books, games and toys
  • Wrap wine bottles in paper or bubble wrap and stand upright


2 x 5kg Butchers Paper

  • Ideal for medium to large packing jobs, this 10kg butchers paper helps to protect your valuable items when moving
  • Length: 800mm
  • Width: 580mm
  • Approximately 500 sheets
  • Used to fill the void remaining inside a carton or box after goods have been placed inside


6 x Packing Tape

  • Excellent adhesion to cardboard
  • High strength and split resistant


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