Local Professional Removals - Brisbane to Gold Coast

Local removals is were you might move across the street or another suburb, no two moves are ever the same. Some people just want their furniture moved from A 2 B and some require more assistance with their move and help with packing or unpacking. So whether you are moving house, townhouse, apartment, 3+ storey walkups with difficult access, or need a ferry vehicle where trucks can’t get into, we have you covered with the right equipment & professional moving teams to complete your move diligently and safely.

When you book your next local removal/move with us, our friendly office staff will pre-arrange the number of heavy duty furniture covers required for your move. These will include covers for all your mattresses to keep them dirt and dust free and can include lounge and dining chair covers. We prefer to have plasma/LCD TVs in their original boxes but if these are not available they will be wrapped by our professional removalists in heavy duty wrap for safe transporting. This would also include for example, sheets of glass, dining table glass, coffee table glass, antiques, pictures etc, please advise us when you call if you require some items specially wrapped.. We can also assist in dismantling furniture items such as beds and any other items that may need dismantling for safe loading.

Most of our Local moving services are done on an hourly rate. Please contact our office on 07 38064793 or 1300 70 77 80 to discuss your next move,


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