Tips for Moving House with Your Pets

Tips for Moving House with Your Pets

Tips for Moving House with Your Pets

As a loving pet owner, you would understand that it can be extremely stressful for your animals, when you are moving house.

They don’t understand what is exactly going on and of course, they can also feel your stress, which will upset them as well.


There are several things that you can do to make your house move easier on your pets:

  • Start your packing well ahead of time. Don’t want to do your own packing, then contact us and we can do this for you with our House Packing Services.
  • Use our Platinum Moving Service – where we do all the packing, moving and unpacking for you and you just spend time with your pets and take it easy or have a holiday.
  • Keep their eating and exercise pattern the same as much as possible.
  • Give them the same amount of attention and affection, as per normal.
  • Reassure them, while you are packing – that they will also be coming with you.
  • If your new home is nearby, then it is a great idea to take your pets for a visit to the new neighbourhood a few times, so that they can get familiar with the new sights and smells.

Things to do before moving house for your pets:

  • Get copies of certificates, medical records etc from your Veterinarian, mainly if you are moving too far away, to still use their services.
  • Contact your new Local Council, with regard to registration of your pets and what you will need to do etc
  • Update your address details to your new home – if your pets are microchipped – this can be completed online at
  • If you are planning to fly to your new home:  Contact Airlines for details on how to transport your pets, what the regulations are the crate sizes etc – they will be able to help you with that information.
  • If you are driving to your new home and it will take more than one day, then you will need to plan ahead, where you will stop overnight and will need to find somewhere that will allow pets.

When Moving Day Arrives:

If you can drop them off at a friends place that they are familiar with – while everything is being packed into the truck, this would be great for them and you.

If you do not have anywhere to take them, then put them in a safe place in the house, with their bed, food, water, toys, treats and litter trays if needed etc. - and make sure no-one goes in there and lets them out by accident.

What you will want to pack for your Pets, when moving house – will include:

  • Paperwork and medical records
  • Any Medications required
  • Photo of pet/s – just in case they get lost. You could also take a photograph of your pets on your phone, prior to leaving.
  • Favourite Toys and Treats
  • Food and Water Bowls
  • Regular Food – Make sure this is the same as normal, not a good time to try any new pet food.
  • Water - Pack enough water from the old house, to cover them for several days. Different water can upset a pet’s digestive tract.
  • Litter box or scoop and plastic bags
  • Paper towels – in case of any accidents
  • Leashes and Leads

Once, you arrive at your New Home

Let the pets explore the yard, under your supervision and on a leash or lead.

Then set up their bed in a room, where they will not be disturbed and cannot get out and leave them with water, food, treats, toys and litter tray. You can also leave a jumper or something with your smells on, for them – while you get everything off the moving truck.

It is best not to let your pets outside for several days, without a lead and your supervision.

Cats usually require about a week to settle in, however dogs adapt much quicker. You wouldn’t want them to wander away and get lost.

Your pets, maybe a bit insecure to start with and unsure and can misbehave.

Make sure you have them back in their normal feeding and exercise routine, straight away and also lots of love helps

Hoping that these Tips for Moving House with Your Pets, helps make it an easier move and less stressful for you and your pets


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Your Handy Essentials Box for Moving Day

Your Handy Essentials Box for Moving Day

Whether you are moving a short distance or a long distance, it could be awhile, before everything is unpacked and you have easy access to all your household items, when required.

Make sure you Pack a Handy and Essentials Box or Bag - and have this easily accessible in your vehicle..

Here is a list of some of the most important items to pack:


Have all of these necessary documents in one file or plastic envelope. This can include anything from your bank account, credit cards, employment and rental information to dentist, vet and doctor records.

Like with any other moving house essentials, you should have a checklist for this one. This is the best way for you to double check that you have these handy and organised on your moving day.

First Aid Kit and Medication:

Make sure that you have a First Aid Kit with you - this can be very handy, if someone is hurt, while moving to your new home.

Make sure you have your regular medication with you, along with any painkillers - just in case these are required. You can have these in a bag for protection and easy access.

Bathroom essentials:

Your trip to your new home, may be a short distance or long distance. It is always handy to have some bathroom essentials packed with you, in a toiletry travel bag, so for when you arrive at your new home or if required during your trip.

Some bathroom essentials that will be convenient for you will be: wet wipes, soap, hand sanitizer, deodorant, hair brush, comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, sunscreen, moisturiser, nail clippers, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, razors, towels and washers.

These can also come in very handy when you arrive at your new home and you want to freshen up, before you need to organise and unpack your household items.

Children’s essentials:

Packing your children’s essentials is like packing them for a road trip, where your children will want to bring some of their favourite toys to keep them happy and occupied. Also pack their favourite snacks and drinks as well.

Pet’s essentials:

If you have pets, then of course you will need to pack their favourite toys for the move to your new home. Also pack their food and water bowls with you, along with food and water, as well as a few treats.

Snacks and Drinks:

Snacks and drinks are essential for the move to your new home, even if it is only a short move, because you will still have some time, before you are in your new home and able to access the esky and boxes for your food.

Best to prepare some sandwiches for moving day itself and make sure there are lots of bottles of water to refresh you throughout moving day and the trip to your new home. Biscuits and other snacks will also be convenient to take along with you.

The Packing and Moving Company have many moving services and professional packing services available to you - we cover the Brisbane to Gold Coast area and can also take care of everything for you, which includes packing everything, moving everything and also unpacking for you - this is our Platinum Moving Service.

Items That Might Be Easily Damaged During Moving House

Items That Might Be Easily Damaged During Moving House

As a homeowner, it can be a huge undertaking when you are moving your belongings to your new home.

If you are not careful enough while packing your fragile items, then some of these items may end up a little damaged.

To avoid these undesirable circumstances, here are some of the easily damaged items and how to protect them during your house move.


The more protection you can provide to your pottery items, the better chances that they will survive your house move intact. Hence, you should spend plenty of time to pack and label carefully. You can using old clothes, towels etc as their first layer of padded protection. Bubble wrap it also great to protect, during your house move and remember to secure with packing tape.

Art Pieces and Collections

These items can be very delicate an even awkward to move. Art pieces are also pricey and very precious at the same time. That being said, canvases with holes in them will not look good and broken frames will make owners shed more than just tears. If you own an extensive art collection or other highly valuable pieces, you should consider hiring a company that is capable of transporting art safely.

Additionally, you can also get someone to assist you in the overseeing of the move and provide a specialist eye to ensure the move happens smoothly. Either way, it is vital to insure your art for the move to have it covered for a peace of mind. When art is being moved, custom containers, slat crates or travelling frames have to be acquired to ensure that the pieces are adequately cushioned and fitted perfectly to leave no room for movement. Don’t forget to mark your containers with a fragile sign to make it clear to all handlers of what is inside.

Glassware collections

Glassware is one of the most vulnerable items that require any form of protection you can provide. For starters, you should get the right packing box - something that is not too large and does not carry anything heavier than 4 kilograms. You should then wrap individual items separately for more protection. You do not want them to come into contact with other items. Ensure that there is plenty of layering and padding too.

Next, ensure that the boxes are labelled properly with all your usual signs like ‘this way up’ or ‘fragile’. Before actually moving any of these boxes, you should test them to see how they react to movement. If the items still jostle about, more padding is needed.

Sports equipment

Although sporting equipment can hold it’s own in play, it may be no match for a bumpy house move. Many homeowners do not think that they need to apply the same amount of protection that is needed for artwork or glassware. You will be surprise to know that sporting equipment is just as sensitive and needs a tremendous amount of care.

Equipment breakages can occur when the item is poorly packed or not protected at all. If you managed to keep your equipment’s packaging intact, do fish them out again as they are a great starting place for protection. You may also check through the manuals again to see if it contains any special instructions to follow when moving it. If you need to move your expensive set of golf clubs, you can opt for a company that specialises in Brisbane removals to take care of it for you.

Moving is a great time to consider whether you still require everything you are moving to the new house. If it is a yes to any of the items mentioned above, hiring professional removalists will help ensure the job gets done properly for a happier move.