Recycled Book Cartons


Everyday box for packing books and wine bottles.

Phone us on 07 3806 4793 for what is available in our Recycled Book Boxes – Pickup ONLY from 1-9 Pintu Drive, Tanah Merah QLD 4128.


Recycled Book Cartons

Recycled Book Cartons are boxes that have been used before and are still in very good condition.

They are used for packing Books, Wine bottles DVDs, CDs and Stemmed Glassware.


  • Books, Wine Bottles, CD’s/DVD’s, Games, Pantry items and other Non Breakable items.


  • Use to pack non breakable items such as books, games and toys.
  • Wrap wine bottles in paper or bubble and stand upright.

Other Specifications:

  • Made using 100% recycled or environmentally friendly cardboard.
  • 100% Fully recyclable
  • Dimensions: Length 406 mm Width 298 mm Height 431 mm.

The Packing and Moving Company

You can visit our Showroom at 1-9 Pintu Drive, Tanah Merah QLD 4128.

We also have recycled Tea Chest Cartons and recycled Port-a-Robes

Don’t see what you need. Give us a call on  07 3806 4793 and we will see if we can order it in.

Additional information

Weight 0.600 kg
Dimensions 40.6 × 29.8 × 43.1 cm

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